About Aging Alternatives

Aging Alternatives, LLC is an organization whose primary focus is upholding the dignity and respect of those afflicted with dementia.

About The Company

Aging Alternatives, LLC is an organization whose primary focus is upholding the dignity and respect of those afflicted with dementia. We find that the combined effort of the individuals themselves, family members and caregiving staff is essential to the quality of life and autonomy of our clients and an integral part of our business model.


About Aging Alternatives

Dorothy Hamburg, (front) Susan Wielechowski’s Aunt and Sis Berchtold (rear) were the inspiration and the first two residents Sue had in what was to develop into Aging Alternatives.

How Aging Alternative Started

In 2009, Sue Wielechowski started this business out of her home in New Jersey when caring for her aunt Dorothy Hamburg.  Following an accidental fall which required physical therapy and rehabilitation, Dorothy was temporarily placed into a nursing home to oversee her recovery. Over the course of a few weeks, a temporary stay ultimately became a permanent stay for Dorothy at the behest of her children. Every week Sue would visit Dorothy for dinner and they would discuss the type of care she was receiving, and time after time Dorothy pleaded only for the independence she once had and the comfort of her own home.  Thus began Sue’s journey into private residential care.

Due to a lack of curated care options in southern New Jersey for those with Alzheimer’s and various forms of dementia (which Dorothy herself had begun to develop in her old age), Sue turned her focus to those patients who she believed were not fairly represented in the home care community and opened her first home by November 2009 with three residents in tow,

including her aunt Dorothy. Since then, Aging Alternatives has progressively handled both increased client interest and care home expansion in stride. By 2014 Sue had opened three total homes in New Jersey, and in 2016 expanded to an additional residence in Sedona, AZ. As of April 2017, Sue has elected to relocate her operations to Arizona permanently, where two homes are fully occupied with a third accepting clients for a July 2017 move-in. In June 2017, Aging Alternatives acquired its second licensee with a new market in Atlanta, GA.

We at Aging Alternatives find stories like Dorothy’s all too common; when unfortunate circumstances force families into making decisions about the care of their loved ones and the burdens that are inherent with end stage care. We seek to provide our clients with as much independence and comfort as possible, all while delivering quality individualized care in one of our private residences. Our care experience includes personalized mental and physical stimulation, a family home atmosphere as opposed to the overcrowded nature of nursing homes, daily routines and exercises, 24/7 staff oversight, and the liberty of our residents to live as autonomously as they’d like. For more information on Aging Alternatives or any interest inquiries, please visit our contact page.

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